Portrait of Cindy taking a nap.

Dreaming of hopping,
Of blueberry skies,
Of half somersaults,
Of glittering eyes.

A smile peeks gently
And dimples arise,
You’re lying so still
In a mute lullaby.

Sweeping by slowly,
Across your pure mind.
No one’s as sweet
As that dreamer of mine.

Once I dreamt pictures
As clear and as fine
As those that you’ve crafted
Sweet dreamer of mine.

But years and experience,
And thinking and time,
Have taken my dimples,
My glittering eyes.

And though it is sad,
And it does break my heart.
I know that those dreams
will live on in your mind.

So cherish the clouds,
The moon and the sky.
And never give in
To the sly tricks of time.

Dream, dream forever,
Bring luster to life.
Dream on forever,
Sweet dreamer of mine.