Today I made some quick cash and rewarded myself with a shopping spree at the Hobby Lobby. Among other goodies, I bought some scratchboard, something I have always wanted to try. Scratchboard is a clay board with ink sprayed on the surface. When the black ink is scratched off the surface, a white tone is revealed. This is basically the opposite of drawing with ink because it is a dry medium and your marks leave behind white lines. Just like ink, however, it is a very unforgiving process. Below is a drawing of a pelican I made to test out the board. I love detail and this medium is made for exactly that. I also love how the finished product looks like a wood cut.

If you are interested in trying this medium out, the scratching tool and the board came as a “kit” and cost only 5.99. Board sizes range from this size to three feet. A quick tutorial can be found here. Color can also be added with special clay inks. The finished work can be coated with a glossy varnish and framed without glass for best presentation.