A series of collages and photographs exploring the interaction of man and landscape. Individually, the images are a nostalgic view of a fictional world. Together they bring forth a more complex narrative, one rooted in the tendency of man to transform and explore his natural surroundings, the invasion of territory and privacy, and the material nature of place and time.

An exercise in subtlety, this series aims to avoid both grotesque repulsion and¬†exploitative¬†pity. Both are traits that can be abused to shock and cause impact or, as in the latter, to take advantage of the viewer’s sympathy to evoke a reaction to the work. In attempting to avoid these, the paintings eventually dealt less with the subject matter than with the way the image and content became one on the canvas.

Acrylic, spraypaint, glitter, collage. 42″ x 48″

Mixed media on fabric. 16 x 20.